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Pink, pink, pink. It's no secret that we love pink at the Modlo studio & it's a love that's shared throughout the interior & fashion industries, used by both high end & high street designers alike. However there are those who shy away from using pink in their decor. Are you one of those folks? Perhaps your baby pink childhood bedroom has scarred you for life or the "girly girl" Barbie association puts you off? Let me introduce you to 2019's new colour trend that could bring the pink naysayers & enthusiasts together...grown-up pink.

Farrow & Ball Sulking Room PinkImage by Farrow & Ball.

What is Grown-Up Pink?

Grown-up pink refers to a collection of more sultry & subtle shades of pink. Think muted, earthy & refined. Here's a few perfect examples from Farrow & Ball (#paintporn):

Farrow & Ball Grown Up Pink Paints

Grown-up pink was our inspiration when we created our Hibiscus design. We created two colourways that adopted this palette, Nude & Blush.

How to Use Grown-Up Pink?

When using any muted shade, pairing with metal accents such as brass & gold creates a wonderful balance of tones & works wonders for adding warmth to the space. We've picked this stunning brass snake by Seletti, a bold accessory that's certain to prompt curiosity:

Brass snake by Seletti

& this elegant brass globe floor lamp from Flos:

Brass globe floor lamp by Flos

Marble will beautifully compliment the earthy tones & create a subtle aura of opulence (which we're all trying to achieve at home, let's be honest!). We think this marble & brass round coffee table would be the perfect fit:

Marble & brass round coffee table

Unless you're pink crazy like we are, you'll most likely want to pair your chosen pinks with one or two complimentary colours. Pink & green is a marriage as old as time - try matching your grown up pink with a suitably grown up shade of green. This doesn't necessarily have to be a paint either. It could be used in the large areas of textiles in your room such as your sofa or curtains. We've opted for these dark green velvet curtains from Loaf:

Dark green velvet curtains

How Would You Use Grown-Up Pink?

We'd love to hear or see how you would use this sophisticated palette of pinks in your home or next project. Let us know in the comments!

How to use Grown Up Pink

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